The key to learning any language is sustained, incremental study and practice. During this critical year, students have many competing priorities and have to carefully organise their study-time in a variety of different subjects.

Spanish be an easily managed and effective subject choice. Spanish doesn’t require ‘hours’ of study every evening, once you understand how to approach your learning. Another advantage in choosing Spanish is that, unlike many other subjects, your preparation in one area of the exam enhances your ability to tackle other sections.

Our courses are especially devised with this in mind. We provide students with a comprehensive and detailed approach to exam preparation..

Because the exam is based on the criteria set by the state curriculum, our course material will provide students with all the material they need. Oral and written expression, aural and reading comprehensions are covered in our 1.5 hour classes throughout the year.

We drill students in the grammar essentials, as well as in a wide range of vocabulary. We enable them to understand and use correct syntax (how sentences are structured, how they differ from English sentences, and how to avoid common pitfalls).

We give students the tools to understand quickly the nuances of the questions, to work their knowledge accordingly, and to express themselves effectively.

Throughout the year students also receive specific examinations which focus on all skills needed to sit the exam. We provide feedback and advice on how to optimise exam results.

Ensure good marks in Spanish !

Do you have difficulties with Spanish? 

Do you find  speaking and listening difficult?


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