The Spanish Studies Centre Cork

​​​ Patrick's Hill, Cork

(086) 311 1193 


Childrens Class 

       New courses will be announced in September 2022 for Children ranging from  7 to 12 years


​                                                                                                                       ​​At the Spanish Studies Centre we offer children 

a fun, dynamic, artistic and culturally rich

Spanish class.

Our specialist native Teachers know

 children like doing at different

stages cognitively, emotionally and physically.

We picked out the best elements of children’s

classes and coupled it with our knowledge,

research and respect for children and we are 

passionate about creating an interesting and fun learning environment.

​Children learn languages with little effort and are able to pick up a perfect accent naturally in the right environment. At the Spanish Studies Centre children can learn in well-structured yet fun lessons.  

In addition to this we also have courses for Spanish speaking children, who may need to expand their vocabulary, read and write in Spanish or improve their spelling and grammar. Having to speak and interact in Spanish with other children will help them to become more confident and improve their communication skills.